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We try our best to keep our prices listed here current and
Up-To-date, however prices may change without notice.

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13154 S. Mackinac Trail
Dafter, MI

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We try to keep this price list updated as much as possible, but may change without notice.

Aluminum Cast

Aluminum Extrusion


Aluminum Insulated Wire

Aluminum Irony

Aluminum Sheet (Clean)

Aluminum Car Rims

Car Batteries

Brass - Yellow

Brass - Shells


Cars - Whole, brought in
(Whole100% complete with NOTHING missing or removed)
Must have 4 wheels, motor, battery, transmission, catalytic converter
at a minimum, if it does not have those it does not qualify as a whole car.
Must have Title and Titled in your name
**See Guide to scrapping Vehicles on our Home Page**
$190.00/Gross Ton 

** Cars - Not Whole, brought in **
(Not WholeVehicle that has any missing or removed parts)
Must have Title and be Titled in your name
**See Guide to scrapping Vehicles on our Home Page**
$140.00/Gross Ton 

Cast - Clean Auto
$280.00/Gross Ton

Cast - Stove & Other
$160.00/Gross Ton

Copper #1

Copper #2

Copper #3

Copper Insulated Wire #1
Copper Insulated Wire #2

Copper Insulated Wire #3

Lead (soft)-Clean

Lead- Wheel weights


Electric Motors (steel cased Copper Windings)

Electric Motors (Alum Windings)

Heavy Equipment
Priced on individual unit basis.
There is a tire fee (weight subtracted)
of $20 to $500 a tire

Radiator - Aluminum 


Radiator - Brass/Copper

Stainless Steel - Non Magnetic

Steel - Short - Foundry
$180.00/Gross Ton

Steel - Long
$160.00/Gross Ton

Sheet Iron / Tin & Steel Mix 
$150.00/Gross Ton